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Free Refinance - 24 Month Coupon

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Free Refinance for 24 months Coupon
On your personal home or investment property you purchased or refinanced with Statewide Realty & Mortgage. To get you peace of mind that you have the lowest interest rate on your home mortgage. 

According to a recent survey, 73% of home sellers were dissatisfied with the performance of their agent, even if that agent has sold their property.

My Pledge is to provide my clients with the highest level of service in the real estate industry, and my commitment to this pledge is 100%.

Client’s Right is to evaluate whether I live up to this standard, and to cancel listing or buyer agreement with me at any point, with no penalties or obligations, if I fail to deliver the service I promised. Interest rate fluctuates and changes daily.

It is possible that in near future (next 24 months) rate may drop. Use this coupon at that time to refinance your mortgage to lower payment, reduce the term of the loan and cash out from your equity.

Statewide Realty & Mortgage will pay all owner title policy, escrow fee, recording, notary and lender closing cost.