​OR I'LL PAY $2,800*

We are so grateful and amazed how Statewide Realty & Mortgage has been of great help to our family. From the beginning to closing our home buying process. It was truly a blessing from the Lord to know them and make another step to find another lender like them. We are grateful indeed for their so much assistance, unfailing encouragements, and supports for the process of buying a house that we can called our home. Many thanks to all people who is helping us and continually helping us: Amardeep Singh our loan officer was so expert in determining which loan with a very good interest rate was best for us. He truly has so much knowledge of his job. Sangeeta Singh our sellers agent was so supportive and very expert too in explaining to us the options that perfectly suited our finances. Simram Kaur our processor was so faithful in making follow up to us. We are so grateful to the Lord for making everything be possible to us for having a home before Christmas this year 2014. Our HOME will be our best gift this blessed season of the year. God has been good, so good, we are so blessed. Daniel Luminare, Loralee Doniza- Luminare, Elk Grove CA

“I moved into new house with my new born… I put an offer on a short sale house. After waiting 6 month lender rejected my offer. In expectation of getting home I vacant my apartment. We were expecting our first kid. Then my realtor told me I am not getting home. We moved with our family in Stockton. I have no place of mine. I have very bad experience with my previous realtor. He failed to communicate with me and put me in dark. Then we came across Statewide Realty. They completely understood my situation. They got me a home in Elk Grove for $145,600 in less than 29 days…”

Navdeep Kaur, Stockton​

“I have bad credit history and did not know where to get help. When we met Amardeep & Sangeeta for the first time at Starbucks we didn’t have any money our credit was not good. They educated us on how to improve our credit save money for down payment. Three months down the road Amardeep got us pre-approved from 4 lenders we were able to buy 4 bedroom house. The home is completely remodeled perfect for our growing family.”

Za Her Kang Thao, Sacramento, CA

“Sangeeta and Amardeep, Make a great team of complete packaging of Home real estate purchasing, financing, and even refinancing. By the time I arrived home from our initial meeting, they provided several potential homes. I am a pretty picky and nervous type, and they helped me keep my calm and advised me on making the right decision. They save me $20,000 with purchase.”

Lewis Frazin, Carmichael, CA

“Statewide negotiated $9,150 for closing cost and gave me 3.875% – 30 year fix. We bought a home in Rancho Cordova from Statewide Realty Mortgage. Despite 5 Offers on this property Mokay our realtor, negotiated $15,000 below Purchase Price obtain additional $9,150 in closing cost. Amardeep did the loan for us got us 3.875% interest rate. Statewide Realty Mortgage Team updated guided us on each step”

Bin Wang, Rancho Cordova

“We Stopped Paying Landord Mortgage. Juan Narciso educated me and my sister Ge Lee how to become home owner. Between and Ge and myself we were paying over $1700 in apartment rents. Juan qualified us for a mortgage where we paid 3% as down payment and our total mortgage was less than the rent we were paying. Now we have a place to call home for our 4 kids.”

Polly and Ge Lee, Sacramento, CA

“In 2009, I have to let my 2 homes go and filed bankruptcy. We moved into an apartment. After exact 36 months I am able to buy home again. Statewide Realty Team guided me on how to improve my credit. Amardeep qualify me for a mortgage over the phone and Juan found me a nice home in a quite neighborhood with payment less than my rent.”

Cesar Corletto, Sacramento, CA

“My husband and I have 4 kids and were renting 3 bed rooms home for $1500 for last 4 years. We both have good jobs but with big family I could not save money for down payment. When I saw “Zero Down program” rider sign on the top of sale sign, I called Amardeep. I still could not believe that I brought $800 at closing and bought $250,000 4 bedroom home.”

Jennet Wright, Sacramento, CA