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Why use Statewide for Mortgage

Service, best rates, lowest closing cost. 

Wholesale Lender*: Statewide Realty & Mortgage is approved with country top 14 wholesale lenders including Freedom, United Wholesale Mortgage, New Penn, PMAC, Provident, Reunion and Ever Bank. It gives us the advantage to shop the best interest rate and closing for your loan. Every day we beat interest rates from major banks and credit unions.

​Overhead Expenses*: Retail lenders such as Wells Fargo, BOA, Chase Citi Bank have large over heads which they have to pay to remain in the business. They have several thousand dollars in business expenses such as payroll, marketing, utilities and rent. Comparatively our over head expenses are very small. We have no payroll expenses. Which means you get the best deal available in the market without any junk fees in the closing cost to make up the high business expenses.

​Experience*: Statewide Realty & Mortgage have been in the business for last 14 years same place and same location and helped over 1600 happy customers in the Sacramento area. We have successfully met the entire new state and federal government compliance requirements.Personal Customer Service.*: Being small mean flexible, personal and quick decision. Not like with major bank where your file get lost. Major bank does not care as it doesn’t’t affect them if your will did not close in time or worse your loan did not approved at all. With us you are priority. Your referral is our bloodline. You always talk to Amardeep Loan Broker. You will get response the same day. We do not have layer of management to get you straight quick answer.

Flexible*: Because we have access to bank inside rate sheets we pass on that saving to you. We are very much flexible in our own cost. If we cannot beat or compete with any good faith estimate we give $100 to you. Being flexible means if you are busy with your work, we come to you and get all application and disclosers signed at the comfort of your home.

FREE Refinance: Among several loan program and option we can provide refinance or purchase at no closing cost. You are responsible for pre paid recurring items only.

​Communication*: You will be kept posted on the progress of your loan at each stage. We will inform and give you update at loan submission, time to order appraisal, initial discloser emailed to you, underwriting approval, documents being send to title, estimate HUD, schedule notary signing, funding and recording.

​Please email or call for FREE Loan Approval or Good Faith Estimate. To get different loan options based on th epurchase price, please complete the form.